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Adelaide Kane attends CW’s ‘Reign’ exclusive premiere screening & panel during Comic-Con

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Me: I'll sleep early tonight and get a good 8 hours
Me: *watches entire season of tv show*
Me: *reads every book i own*
Me: *goes on quest to find the holy grail*
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imagine actually being someones favorite blog. my life would actually be complete
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Crazy In Love (Remix for "Fifty Shades of Grey")
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the worst way for friendships to end is for literally nothing to go wrong, you just stop talking. they stop messaging you to see how youre doing and you get sick of being the first one to initiate conversation so you just let the friendship go and wonder how that person is doing and never hear from them again

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season 5 + Beckett hairporn

How is her hair so beautiful though?

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Fifty Shades of Grey